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D I Y Dye it Yourself

There are some items that we are happy to encourage you to D I Y - Dye It Yourself. Some small items can be successfully dyed at home using Dylon dye. However dyeing sofa covers or other large items with domestic machines and home fabric dyes is highly unlikely to be successful. Fabric dye intended for home use cannot provide the levelness and colourfastness required on loose sofa covers. A professional dyeing machine will take several hours to make sure heavy fabrics are thoroughly dyed to just the shade of your choice and the dye is properly fixed. A quick run through a washing machine cannot hope to achieve that. Every week we are asked to rescue some very blotchy tie dyed loose sofa covers. Thankfully we can usually achieve this.   

Home fabric dye such as Dylon dye can be very successful on small garments and some lightweight fabrics provided you are happy with the shades available. We can now provide these Dylon dyes and expert advice. Also we can use the Dylon dyes and method in our sample dyeing machine. Although this costs less than our usual commercial dyeing system it does not allow for colour matching and we can only use the standard Dylon shades with this method.
Just a note on safe dyes. We guarantee to use only safe dyes (see our safe dyes page) for all of our fabric dyeing. These are more expensive but far more reliable than some low cost dyes currently being offered to the trade.  

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