Blue Mill Ltd
84 Halstead Street


E-Mail: info@bluemill.co.uk

We Use Only Safe Non-Toxic Dyes

We use only non toxic dyes and other products from European industry leading suppliers who are able to certify the source and quality of the product. We do not take any risks with low cost materials however tempting the low prices might be. We value our own safety and the safety of our customers too much.

You may have heard of toxic dyes and the risks of allergic reactions, many products are sometimes dyed or processed with chemicals we would definitely not use at Blue Mill.  We appreciate high quality products not just because they are safe but also because we can rely on them to give consistent results. Our dyehouse manager is a chartered colourist and a member of the Society of Dyers and Colourists. He is probably one of the most experienced dyers in Europe and buys all of our supplies with great care.

You can be sure we use only non toxic dyes of the highest quality to give you the best possible result.

Blue Mill Ltd, 84 Halstead Street , Leicester, LE5 3RD, Tel: 01162537633