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How long does it take to transform my sofa covers?


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As you can imagine our work does not come as a steady stream and we tend to have busy periods and these are not always predictable.  As a general guide we aim to complete your work in 1 to 2 weeks but it may sometimes be a little longer. It is unlikely to take more than 3 weeks to turn your covers round and most of the time it will be faster than this. If the turn around time is of concern to you please check with us before you send your covers and we may be able to give you a more accurate idea based on our workload at any particular time. We will always do our best to meet your delivery requirements but cannot give exact dates as there are various factors which affect the turn round time. For example - it may take an extra day or so to formulate just the shade you require.  Remember you do not have to choose from a colour card, we will match up to any shade you can find and we do not charge extra for this. Please be sure to read the pages listed on the left especially the "Know your fabrics" and " Guidance notes"

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