About Us

We decided to open our dyehouse in 1998 to provide high quality dyehouse services to our own knitwear manufacturing business. It was becoming increasingly difficult to find reliable dyers and finishers who could cope with our requirement for exemplary quality over the range of processes we needed. Soon other garment manufacturers across the UK were asking us to provide services for them too. At the same time local people seeing us listed in the telephone directory began to call and ask if we dyed sofa covers. It seemed there was a demand and we should offer this service. Now sofa cover dyeing is a large part of our business and we have very carefully refined our processes over the years and we are recognised as the industry leaders in this work. We still dye or process lots of garments in bulk for manufacturers and importers. Often we rescue badly dyed garments in large quantities usually imported from a great distance. For example we processed 20,000 pairs of shorts for a premier division football club. These had arrived from the manufacturer in the far east. The red stripe was "bleeding" as soon as the shorts were washed. Our job was to fix the red dye and we did this successfully.

That is about what we do and this is about who we are.

John Rodger is our dyehouse manager, he has been with us for 20 years. He is a member of the Society of Dyers and Colourists and is a Chartered Colourist, Probably, John with 40 + years in the trade, is one of the most experienced dyers in Europe. He has personally refined our sofa cover dyeing techniques to a high level and the results are incredible. He loves what he does and often has to be persuaded to take some holiday or even go home in the evening. John has a team of good people he has trained to work to our high standards.

The original founder of the business, had been in the textile industry for 40 + years and started his knitwear manufacturing company when he was 19. He was well known in the trade for making the highest quality products with no compromise. This is the basis the company works on still.


Blue Mill Limited (Textiles Importers, Dyers & Finishers). 84 Halstead Street, Leicester, LE5 3RD. Tel: 0116 2537633.

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