Our "no compromise" manufacturing methods for cotton knitwear

Our cotton knitwear UK made to the highest standards to give pleasure for a long time. We use only the finest quality combed cotton for our cotton sweaters. Soft and smooth, a joy to wear.

A sweater is usually made of at least 5 components. A front, a back, 2 sleeves and a collar. We knit each component to shape and to size so there is almost no waste of raw material. Manufacturers are often under pressure to make garments to meet a price point. This can lead to skimping and short cuts and reduced quality. Well not at Blue Mill. We will not cut our quality or skimp our sizes. Our pictures feature our model Annie who is 5 feet 6 inches tall and a size 10. She is wearing our size small in the cotton knitwear pictures. Hope this helps.

We pre-shrink the knitted cotton pieces in our dyehouse before we make them into a garment. Most manufacturers would make the cotton knitwear garment and send it to the dyehouse just once for garment dyeing but not many manufacturers are also garment dyers. With just one dyeing process in garment form shrinkage occurs and it is likely that the seams and zips will be "wavy”. You may have seen this effect. A single garment dyeing process does not remove all the shrinkage and most cotton knitwear garments will shrink with washing. Not our cotton knitwear. When the garment is made it goes back to our dyehouse for garment dyeing. After our garment dyeing process you could not shrink these cotton sweaters if you tried. So enjoy it, wear it, wash it and tumble-dry your sweater if you want to.

Are we proud of the way we make cotton sweaters UK knitted and dyed? Of course we are. We want you to be proud to own a piece or two and eventually a collection. Where else can you buy cotton knitwear UK made from the company that designs it, knits it, makes it, dyes it and delivers it directly to you? What other retailer could make a garment for you and dye it to match your favourite colour? Of course this cannot be a free service but we can do it. (Send us your paint tin and we can dye your cotton sweater to match it.)

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