Blue Mill Ltd
84 Halstead Street

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Dyeing Machinery required

Our dyehouse is busy and expanding.

We are looking for rotary machines to provide extra capacity. We are interested in new or very good used modern machines, washer/extractors or dyeing machines.

Essential features required:
All stainless steel parts in contact with the liquor.
Inverter drive providing variable turn speed (low speed capability 4 to 5 rpm.)
Fully programmable control system.
Hydro extract - variable speed preferred.
Programmable levels - preferably metered fill.
Minimum 2 water inlets preferably at least 3.
Steam heating - indirect steam heating virtually
essential. We may be able to convert otherwise
suitable machinery by adding a heat exchanger.

Capacities required: 220 litres - 900 litres approximately.

If you have suitable machinery please contact us, call
John Rodger on 0116 2488135